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Your Brand Companion

An Independent Brand Designer and Calligraphist with an experience of 10+ years in the field of Advertising, Designing and Education, who intends to work with you as a Brand Companion.

Worked with the clients like Cadbury, Disney, Harper’s Bazaar,  Big Bazaar, Faber Castell, Bank of America in the recent past, I have been associated with leading Advertising Agencies and have taken workshops in Prestigious Schools, Art Colleges.

According to me, a good design is not only about 'how it looks' but also 'what it says'. Along with incorporating the design aesthetics  I look forward to create artworks that connects with the audience.

Formal Education

BFA (APPLIED) from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft, 
Mumbai (2010- 2014)

To learn and practice all the Indian scripts along with the languages and spread awareness about the linguistic treasure of India. Looking forward to build a Design Studio with an unconventional approach in the discipline of Typography, Lettering and Calligraphy to deliver magical results in Branding, Graphic Design Experience Design & Advertising.



Graduated with BFA (Applied) Degree from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art & Craft.


Worked as an Art Director in Advertising Agencies along with freelancing simultaneously.


Awarded in the hands of Smt. Sushma Swaraj for Designing BRICS Summit 2016 Logo Design.


Worked on Brands like Cadbury & Big Bazaar Campaigns along with Ogilvy & DDB Mudra.


Elective Typography oreintation for 2nd year at  Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art & Craft.


Created Customised Art which was gifted to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle 
at the Royal Wedding.


Panellist at India-China Artist Dialogue & Art Exchange Exhibition 2019 at O.P Jindal University.


Conducted Workshop 
& was a Panellist at National Calligraphy Festival of Kerala.


Worked on Multilingual Indian Typography project for Disney+ Hotstar OTT.


Speaker at TEDx Talk hosted by VIT, Mumbai and spoke on “Create Art that defines you.”


Felicitated in the hands of Shri. Nitin Gadkari at the Logo Launch event of KJSB.


Spoke at BANKO Awards 2023, Daman on “Branding Solutions for Banking Sector”

My Gurus

In our journey of achieving higher milestones there are a lot of people who make us envision our dreams and guide us to achieve them. Amongst many such people we find a few, who we look up to as Gurus. I always felt that our Gurus, our Teachers need higher recognition than just in our speeches or interviews. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

By mentioning them in this space I want to initiate a process to mention them prominently on the website so whenever someone visits my profile they would also know the foundation of it. The tradition of mentioning Guru’s with high regards is often seen in Classical performing arts,  I feel it's a wonderful tradition all should follow in visual arts too.

Saynekar Sir.png
Prof. Vinay Saynekar

Saynekar Sir has been a Mentor to me in the journey of pursuing a career in this field of Design & Calligraphy. He is someone who has always guided me in the right direction whenever I have been stuck or lost paths. His one piece of advice during my college days changed my perspective and approach towards my work. To summarize the same, the advice was to not let the work of existing masters reflect in my work, instead create a unique style of my own that would define me. 

Kasture Sir.png
Shri. Ram Kasture

From the foundation of Calligraphy to Advanced Learning, my Calligraphic upbringing happened at classes of Shri Ram Kasture Sir. While I learnt various styles, forms, and visual expressions under his guidance, the most important life lesson happened by just looking at his dedication towards calligraphy. He always said that, Whenever you are about to draw a calligraphic expression, stop your breath for a moment and then let loose.

Pandit Sir.png
Shri. Vivek Pandit

Apart from how we are in our profession, it's equally important how we are molded as a person. Pandit Sir, Founder of Vidya Niketan School laid the foundation in my upbringing of the most crucial days of my life. His personality has always inspired me since childhood. His Disciplinary approach, Patriotic belief system, Pure love towards Indian culture and traditions and a zest to raise thousands of children with the same principles has helped subconsciously in shaping me as a person. 

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